Kevin Rahardjo (b. 1999) is a screenwriter, director and producer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently he is working as a screenwriter at Come and See Pictures founded by Joko Anwar & Tia Hasibuan.

Rahardjo takes on the role of a producer for Rafki Hidayat’s first feature film, ‘Parasomnia,’ which earned the NAFF Award for Best Project at BIFAN NAFF Project Market 2023. 

Rahardjo also serves as a screenwriter for Sinn Kirin’s debut feature ‘Maiden Home,’ which received the VIPO Award at BIFAN NAFF Project Market 2023 and selected for Talent Tokyo 2023.

He recently wrote, directed and produced ‘Accidentally Intentional’ which premiered at Palm Springs International ShortFest 2023 and competed at Flickers’ Rhode Island Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Red Sea International Film Festival and Minikino Film Week.